As a solutions provider for NPLC’s. High Growth Challenger Brands and also Digital Transformation Teams, part of our strategic advice is often which channels a brand should work with and which lines they should prioritise as well as how they should create awareness and growth on the suggested channels.

Rex Brown works alongside many of the world's leading brands and we are considered a strategic brand partner. Many of these brands are looking for opportunities to work closely with sales channels we work closely with and have special relationships with.

Our strategic position is not only to work closely with brands but also the many sales channels that are available, to build strong and long lasting strategic working relationships where we can add value to both the brand and sales channel.

Many of the brand partners we work alongside often have a number of strategic goals that arise throughout a year and these could be new product launches, sales and promotions or one of many other reasons to work alongside a particular sales channel or social commerce platform and the closer our relationships are with sales channels and platforms are which allow us to gain access to:-

Specialised platform programs

Low barrier access to brand control

Marketing support and opportunities

In turn, then allows Rex Brown to fully understand the opportunities available to our brand partners and advise accordingly.

As the opportunities grow in the UK and EU for our brand partners, across multiple UK & EU sales channels and social commerce platforms Rex Brown are looking towards closer integrations, opportunities and smarter working relationships with channels and platforms and with our ability to connect with any eCommerce interface due to our own in house Innovation and tech team we are at the cutting edge of content automation and order management development.

We are looking to bring value to both sales channels and brand partners and also with over 26,000 SKU’s in our catalogue we bring volume and opportunity.

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