A multi-channel approach is essential to grow a brand to its fullest potential in the market of today, but scaling your operations across multiple channels comes with growing pains - problems that delay growth, hurt revenue, and waste resources.


Here's a list of the most common challenges we help our brand partners to face when scaling across multiple channels:


We work with our brand partners to design solutions to these challenges, solutions that take into account their current position, their aspirations, and digital transformation needs, solutions that sweep away the headaches of a multi-channel approach and allow them to reap the rewards.

We build brands and drive sales with a holistic multi-channel approach to optimise our client's ecommerce profitability. Rex Brown has offered comprehensive solutions to growing businesses online since 2015, each delivered solution was designed to maximise sales and engagement while improving conversions, protecting the brand and ensuring that we leverage every applicable solution to achieve the brands multi channel goals.

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