High GrowthChallenger Brands

What are some of the challenges of working with/for a Challenger Brand, and how does Rex Brown rise to the occasion?

When we say ‘challenger brand’, we don’t mean a brand that challenges someone. We’re talking about brands that challenge something. That’s rarely a specific competitor, but rather something more general that they believe needs to change in their industry. To make that change, they need to level the playing field between themselves and larger, more established competitors - that’s where the Rex Brown Success Program comes in.

We’ve got a unique perspective on how to build your brand from the ground up here at Rex Brown, as we’re a challenger brand ourselves; while growing our brand, we challenged conventional wisdom, rejecting outdated ‘best practices’ to make our own. We understand the unique position the challenger brands of today are in, and we never dismiss them.

Thanks to our own experience shaking up the market, we’re able to tailor our arsenal of specialised services to help high-growth challenger brands thrive and grow. With access to the best teams and industry-leading specialists in design, marketing, social commerce, and stock management; a reliable supply chain, our hyper-agile infrastructure, and our 10-acre distribution centre - complete with warehousing and world-leading, eco-friendly packing solutions - they can shake things up in their own markets, just as we did in ours.

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