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Rex Brown’s digital brand services is a form of branding and brand management. It takes the traditional concept of branding and translates it into the digital world. It uses the power of the internet, along with digital marketing strategies, to elevate the profile of a brand online

Our objective is to create a connection between the brand and the products it markets and its consumers by using the internet to make the brand recognisable.

While producing sales is a welcome by product, that isn't the primary goal of our digital brand services.

Our digital branding services seek to increase awareness of the brand, tell the story of the company, and cultivate & drive customer loyalty.

Branding is how you put your message into the world; your brand is what people think of when they hear the name of your business.

Before you start trying to brand, market, or sell anything online, you have to know who your ideal customer is.

If you have not already done so, create your buyer personas and map the customer journey that is best for your online consumer, will it be D2C via your own brand store, will they search for you on Amazon primarily for convenience shopping or will your customers be more attracted by social commerce such as TikTok live shows?

Without this information, everything else you do will be for nothing. If you don’t know your target customer online, your branding and marketing efforts may not work

We will help you gain valuable information about your target group during our fully staged process….

You can learn:

Their purchasing habits

Preferred method of purchase

What items they like to purchase

What time of day/week/month/year do they make a purchase

What the needs are of your target groups

Once we gather this information, we can sketch out your online customer persona. We will know their gender, age, demographic information, income bracket, education levels, and many more details.

Delivering a considered insight to how we can target online customers at different stages of the buying funnel and then deliver a full holistic approach and solution for success.

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