Customer Support& Experience

With a single channel, creating and managing the experience of your customers is easy. When you sell through multiple channels, however, supporting and nurturing your relationship with customers becomes a lot more challenging.

Between social media, online forums, and review websites, today’s customers have a wealth of resources for learning more about the businesses they’re considering and the products they offer, and dissatisfied customers can reach many more people with their support horror stories.

That has created a new era of customer support, one where there is a much greater need for companies to stand out by providing great service.

Today, the companies that are coming out on top are those that understand the ROI of great support and treat exceptional customer support as a feature instead of an inescapable cost.

We can take control of the entire experience for our brand partners at Rex Brown - the customer service experts of our dedicated customer support team manage the process from end-to-end, ensuring that no matter what channel a customer uses to buy from you, they get a consistently great experience.

We manage any returns and refunds, log all customer interactions for reporting and can also report if there are multiple issues on a particular product and feed this back to the brand as there may be a particular issue that needs addressing at the point of manufacture.

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