Our state of the art fulfilment technology allows for hyper agile backend operations that are super scalable and intuitive and can be tailored to the specific needs of each given channel that a brand looks to operate in. This in turn maximises performance but also helps to minimise issues such as channel conflict and price erosion, which are often faced by brands that are unable to provide a differentiated portfolio across different channels.

With Rex Brown's state-of-the-art software architecture, we can make your entire process chain more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. We integrate seamlessly into existing systems for managing your eCommerce. Thus, solutions for optimal omnichannel fulfilment like click-and-collect and ship-from-store are live within a short amount of time.

Our inhouse innovation team and experts in AI can connect seamlessly with any platform using the API-first principle which allows us to easily transfer information between existing software systems and fulfilment tools' solution.

Our modular solutions consist of independent tools, each of which performs a specific task. The individual tools are configurable according to a brand's individual needs and can be used independently of each other, so we can easily implement the applications that are right for you. This creates a better overview and saves valuable time and costs.

We offer you a reliable and secure system. We rely on strong reliable partners to ensure the IT security and availability of the fulfilment tools solution system is state of the art. On the one hand, this ensures pure availability in terms of process security and, on the other, the security of the systems, for example, against hacker attacks.

Our technology doesn’t stop at multi channel solutions; Rex Brown is well-versed in working towards a more sustainable packaging model for our brands and has developed many in house tech solutions to support sustainability as well as super efficient picking and bundling solutions, with state of the art boxing machines that ensure that there is virtually no waste packaging when products are shipped. Our box machine actually cuts the box m”on the fly” based on laser measurements of the package that it is wrapping, ensuring virtually no “air” wastage which in turn ensures upto 45% less material to make the box. These boxing techniques coupled with our ability to bundle lines into a single shipment can cut a brands shipping footprint by up to 300%.

Our tech teams are constantly working to improve solutions and offer new and innovative answers to problems and issues that many of our brand partners face when navigating the multi channel D2C world. Why not ask more about how we leverage our tech teams to produce some of the most cutting edge technology solutions.

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