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Shipping is another potential pain that brands struggle with when going multi-channel. A single stream of orders coming in through your website is simple and easy to manage, but two, five, twenty? Less so.

You need to be ready to scale your fulfilment systems when you scale across multiple channels, otherwise, you risk damaging relationships with your customers, affection your brand's reputation, and losing out on future sales.

Thankfully, we excel here; with our innovative picking and packing systems, we can economically and ecologically ship in excess of 40,000 orders per day, all managed by our state of the art proprietary software. From single items to bundles, across any channel you work with, we have the solution you need. Our packing and boxing hardware and software offers some of the fastest solutions available, coupled with best in class environmental procedures such as minimum air around each package, down to less than 5mm which ensures less waste and supports our environmental goals.


Similarly, managing inventory effectively while multiple channels take from the pot of stock is challenging, with both over-stocking and over-selling looming overhead, but with our in-house demand planners, stock management and logistics experts, forecasting software, and regular reporting, our brand partners can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it’s stocked, and how much you’ll need. Easier said than done though. That’s where Rex Brown brings value in the multi channel eCommerce environment. Rex Brown uses a multi-echelon approach toward inventory management to enable today’s global, inter-connected business operations, preventing stock-outs and improving supply efficiency.

With many years of experience in managing inventory for many of the world’s leading brands and tens of thousands of SKUs we ensure that we streamline inventory through best in-class processes and highly efficient tools.

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