Here at Rex Brown we have a wide base of operations, starting with a large 10 acre distribution centre based in the heart of the UK and strategically position close to the UK’s largest courrier networks.

10 Acre Distribution Centre - managing over 26,000 SKU’s and filled with technology such as on demand box creation machinery for eco packaging and efficiency. We also have a robotic package movement and fully digitised picking and fulfilment solution that ensures that we are not only able to be super efficient but agile enough to create product bundling on the fly.

Also based ot our DC in Rugby is our Innovation team and a team of AI experts that are constantly working to create technology based solutions that range from data and insight access for our partners as well as innovative new solutions for personalisation of customer experience using our automated boxing lines such as bespoke branding or messaging on the products shipping packaging.

Creative Studios

Creative Studios - Based in west London we have a full creative team and production studios that can offer from product shots to fully blown live production for social media and TikTok live shows as well as managing the creative assets for imagery and copy. This department offers a whole host of digital services that have become the face of many of the world's largest brands.

Partner Services and Platform Specialists - With a fully staffed office based in India we offer cutting edge customer services, returns management, listing management as well as support staff for our WFH channel specialists here in the UK and warehousing teams at our DC in Rugby. Over many years we have built a seamless solution that has created a supper agile and effective solution to manage many of the day to day activities.


WFH - Many of our specialists such as demand planners, digital strategists, category managers and channel experts are WFH. There are many benefits to our WFH solution and one of which allows Rex Brown not to be restricted to any one geographic talent pool in specialist team needs and with this agile strategy in place and the comms solutions to support this WFH structure the wider team becomes a much more effective and agile machine.

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