Keeping your branding and messaging consistent across multiple channels is difficult, especially when third-party retailers of your products are more focused on their own sales and revenue than preserving your brand. Left unchecked, they can permanently erode the value of your brand.

Cross-Channel Messaging & Branding

With a single channel, it's easy to control and track the messages and branding attached to your products, but it becomes exponentially more difficult as you add more channels, each of which has its own requirements, nuances, and best practices

Also, with the rise of open online marketplaces, globally transparent and dynamic advertised pricing has become the new reality in virtually every product vertical. A whole industry has rapidly emerged in which unauthorised retailers obtain products from brands' distribution networks in myriad ways and list them online- typically at discounted prices given that they have had to make no investments themselves to bring the products to market. Once these discounted products are listed online, they begin to disrupt marketplace pricing algorithms, which, in turn, disrupt prices across other channels, and a downward spiral ensues. The end result is thwarted eCommerce sales growth, massive channel conflict and impaired brand value, which, left unchecked will get only worse.

Companies today are struggling to adapt to this new environment whether they win or lose in this new reality. On one hand, there will be companies that fail to appropriately evolve to establish the heightened level of brand control now needed to succeed. These companies will likely experience channel conflict, degradation of brand value, and negative product reviews. Ultimately, these companies will be significantly handicapped in their efforts to protect and grow their brands.

We take this headache away from you, managing branding and messaging as a top priority.

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