Brand Access

When we talk about “Brand Access” here at Rex Brown we are talking about how Rex Brown acts as a conduit to every channel where a brands customer may be found both current and future and that it enables the brand to manage that channel to the same granular level that they would do in house but Rex Brown doing all the heavy lifting.

Some of the most well-known and purchased brands out there leverage multiple distribution channels. L’Oréal and Unilever, for example, balances selling direct-to-consumer through their bricks and mortar outlets with selling through retailers (such as Amazon, eBay, TikTok, Feel Unique and many more we support) and this is no small feat without the knowledge and understanding of the complexities of these D2C channels.

With our teams of platform specialists we seamlessly manage this for our brands ensuring that the brands growth and sales strategy are conducted using the same methodology that the brand would use in house. We build strong relationships with the teams within each brand to take their instructions on what it is they are trying to achieve, no matter if this is a new product launch, test and learn or improving exposure of a brand and then we strategically turn the brand's plans into a solution that works and delivers results across the whole of the online D2C space. We deliver expert channel management by proxy where Rex Brown offers expert opinion on strategy and then executes the plan and does all of the heavy lifting for the brand while ensuring zero channel conflict.

Utilising the many complex D2C channels offers great opportunity but can often, if not managed correctly, have the adverse effect of “channel conflict”. Our expertise gives brands all of the benefits with none of the downside:

Lower margins.

There’s no higher margin than a direct-to-consumer owned sale, which is why many brands launch DTC in the first place. While adding channels does have benefits, one of the biggest costs is lower margins if managed badly.

Costs of getting in the door

Breaking into a channel — whether it’s Amazon, eBay, TikTok, Feelunique — is hard and expensive. We already have the relationships in place and the expertise to open some of those difficult doors as well as teams of channel experts to ensure that you can indirectly manage the channel strategy using Rex Brown.

Poorer customer data

When you add A D2C channel, you inevitably lose control over customer data. For example, who is purchasing your product gets a lot fuzzier but not when using Rex Brown. We get access to data from each of the D2C channels and amalgamate this into individual reports for each channel as well as giving a top level performance overview that ensures your strategic plans are on track, all without you having to lift a finger.

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