National PLCs have historically made their sales via a distribution network that sells directly to retailers, and their business models are built with this in mind. Today, however, minimising your PLC’s carbon footprint is incredibly important, and modern eCommerce strategies allow you to get closer to the customer than ever before. That presents these PLCs with a problem – how can you be more environmentally friendly and take advantage of eCommerce without tearing your infrastructure down and starting from scratch?

Knowledge& Solutions

We have an intimate knowledge of these challenges at Rex Brown, and we’ve helped solve them for a variety of large, multi-national organisations, building solutions they use every day to adapt and overcome, achieving the growth they deserve, including:

Purchasing inventory and being the seller on record for NPLCs and brands, or operating on a consignment model.

Creating and maintaining best-in-class listings for their products across more than 20 UK and EU marketplaces and sales channels, managing marketing and brand values, preventing price and brand erosion, and controlling price, shipping, and bundling.

Utilising our 10-acre, eco-friendly distribution centre in Rugby as well as our European distribution centre to pick, pack, and fulfil orders, shipping directly to the consumer using the UK’s largest delivery and shipping partners.


Optimising& Performance

By optimising our brand partners’ online channel performance, product listings, driving sales, and relieving the burdens of fulfilment and customer management, we can act as an extension of their business – all while remaining transparent with up-to-the-minute reporting as part of weekly/bi-weekly strategy and performance meetings.

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