Our belief in transparency and communication doesn’t stop with data and the insights gained from it. We’re totally open with our brand partners - anything that we know about your product performance, market share, and any number of other metrics that determine success or problems that need to be addressed, you’ll know too.

By giving access to your data in real-time and providing regular, easy to understand reports, we build strong partnerships that last. Our proprietary data gathering software aggregates data from multiple marketplaces to glean insights and reveal opportunities that lesser solutions would miss - opportunities that we can act on together at regular meetings with your account manager to create new development strategies.

Rex Brown offers a truly holistic view of customer behaviour, buying cycles, conversion rates, ACOS, TACOS and many other matrix in an easy and understandable reporting schedule, enabling smarter decision making and identifying opportunities in your market. We bring our enhanced customer understanding to life through

Advanced customer analytics - Our team generate data driven insights that enable better decisions and deliver a measurable difference to your business.

Value-add insights - Collaboratively working with you, our data and retail experts will help produce the right strategy on which to grow your brand.

Bespoke market research - We deliver unrivalled market research and analytics capabilities which get you closer to your customers.

Market-leading insight tools - Access our advanced insight tools that allow you to get to the answer you need intuitively and quickly from our unrivalled big data asset.

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